Simplicity smartness dynamism

This state-of-the-art, PASSAGE, emerges the aesthetic of natural wood design and durability of steel structure while allowing high flexibility for any functional requirement. Smartness and simplicity with uncompromising quality and durability is the charm of PASSAGE; all delicate elements are deliberately created to answer the need for relaxing and lively ambience.

PASSAGE is conceptually designed to respond to the need of various working infrastructure. The 90-degree structure of one table side allows easy and unlimited reconfiguration, either forming into different workgroup for various purposes or aligning arrangement in accordance with office space.

Private and full-function set allows maximizing work efficiency; customizing to fit all your requirements.

Starter set for 2 users, team privacy can be created. Optional return desk can be placed on each end to create extra workspaces.

Corner workstation style gives extra worksurface space while remaining connection and personal privacy to all team members.

Features :

  • INTELLIGENT SPLIT-WIRING RACEWAY  Intelligent raceway for 600mm. depth top, with split channel for electrical wires and communication cables, helps in reducing scramble of signals?installed behind the modesty.
  • INTELLIGENT FLIPABLE RACEWAY  Intelligent raceway for 750 and 800mm. depth tops, flip to access and manage from outside?installed at front of modesty; quick and easy to connect or disconnect all wires and cables.
  • INTELLIGENT WIRING MANAGEMENT  Enclosing middle leg of L-type, V-type and Connector unit desks keep wires well-organized inside and deliver cables and wires from ground to underneath top. Neat look plus easy maintenance are provided.
  • STANDARD ENCLOSING LEG  The sided metal-legs come with the cover which can be opened from outside, all cables and wires can be conveniently housed and connected with the outlets underneath in the enclosing metal-legs. Easy access and maintenance.
  • SUSPENDED PEDESTAL  Suspended pedestal options are given 2 or 3 drawers on left or right are selectable for 750 and 800mm. depth tops. Double suspended pedestals can be ordered for 1600 and 1800mm.width tops only.
  • STEEL DRAWER PLUS TELESCOPIC BALL-BEARING SLIDES  All drawers can be fully pulled-out for easy use with perfectly smooth and silent. Drawer is made of steel, which more durable and safety in use.
  • SCREEN PLUS MODESTY  Define the space with selectable board options to create more privacy but enable to contact with colleagues.
  • EXTENSION UNIT  Extra-space for small meeting or additional space for keeping belongings. Available in two forms, for using with single desk or double-desk.

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